pyATS and Genie: Part 1

Introduction Before getting started, I wanted to take the time to address the elephant in the room… how do we even pronounce pyATS? In short, it’s pie-A-T-S. However, the pyATS team has this nice visual on their site: Now that we are all on the same page, let’s start looking at pyATS and how it […]

DevNet Pro Journey: COMPLETED!

You read that title correct… I’ve completed my DevNet Pro journey by passing the Cisco DEVCOR exam last week. I’m now officially a certified DevNet Professional! In this post, I’m going to recap my entire journey, provide personal study tips, and how YOU can begin your own DevNet journey! My Journey Ever since I passed […]

DevNet Pro Journey: My First DEVCOR Exam Experience

Introduction Last week, the day finally came, I took my first swing at the Cisco DEVCOR exam. Going into it, I felt good about the material. I had studied for weeks on end and maintained a consistent schedule, studying about 6 nights a week. Consistency was one of my study goals for this exam. In […]

DevNet Pro Journey: DEVCOR Weeks 5 and 6

Hello again! I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day weekend! As mentioned in my tweet last week, I skipped last week to finish out my first pass of the blueprint. The topics we will be looking at this week will focus on most of section 4.0 – Application Deployment and Security and all […]

DevNet Pro Journey: DEVCOR Week 4

Hello, it’s a been a couple weeks! I know this isn’t technically week 4 since I didn’t post last week, but I’m calling it that for consistency sake. As mentioned in my my tweet last weekend, I was busy diving into YANG models and model-driven telemetry (MDT) using the TIG stack (we will get more […]

DevNet Pro Journey: DEVCOR Week 3

Hello again! This week my main focus in my DEVCOR studies revolved around topics in exam topic 3.0 Cisco Platforms. My disclaimer up front is that I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked to on studying this week, so I only completed a little over half of the the outlined topics. […]

DevNet Pro Journey: DEVCOR Week 2

This week I’m continuing my DevNet Professional journey and discussing the DEVCOR exam topics I reviewed this past week: 2.0 Using APIs. Introduction The topics in this section really makes you dive in and think about how users access your application, whereas the topics covered in 1.0 Software Development and Design mostly cover the architecture […]

DevNet Pro Journey: Starting DEVCOR

This week, I’m taking a break from my CI/CD pipeline series to talk about my DevNet Professional journey. For those that don’t know, the DevNet Professional certification is relevant to the new CCNP Enterprise. It requires you to pass a “core” exam (DEVCOR), along with a “concentration” or specialist exam (ENAUTO, CLAUTO, DCAUTO, etc.). For […]

CI/CD Pipelines: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my CI/CD pipeline series! In this post, I will be going over the improvements I’ve made since Part 1, some issues I ran into along the way, and the overall goal(s) of this project. Let’s start with the project goals. One of my main goals is to help provide clarity […]

CI/CD Pipelines: Part 1

This week I’m starting a series of posts that revolve around my first experience with creating a network automation CI/CD pipeline in GitLab (a.k.a. Infrastructure-as-Code). I’m not sure how many parts there will be in total, but I figure I could document my experience throughout the process. Disclaimer: All credit goes to @NWMichl for his […]