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DevNet Pro Journey: DEVCOR Week 2

This week I’m continuing my DevNet Professional journey and discussing the DEVCOR exam topics I reviewed this past week: 2.0 Using APIs. Introduction The topics in this section really makes you dive in and think about how users access your application, whereas the topics covered in 1.0 Software Development and Design mostly cover the architecture … Continue reading DevNet Pro Journey: DEVCOR Week 2

CI/CD Pipelines: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my CI/CD pipeline series! In this post, I will be going over the improvements I’ve made since Part 1, some issues I ran into along the way, and the overall goal(s) of this project. Let’s start with the project goals. One of my main goals is to help provide clarity … Continue reading CI/CD Pipelines: Part 2

CI/CD Pipelines: Part 1

This week I’m starting a series of posts that revolve around my first experience with creating a network automation CI/CD pipeline in GitLab (a.k.a. Infrastructure-as-Code). I’m not sure how many parts there will be in total, but I figure I could document my experience throughout the process. Disclaimer: All credit goes to @NWMichl for his … Continue reading CI/CD Pipelines: Part 1


After being introduced to REST APIs in your network automation journey, I’m sure you will hear about webhooks. Webhooks sound a lot more developer-centric and less about networking, but they can be a game changer when implemented correctly. In this post, we will talk about why, as network engineers, we should care about webhooks and … Continue reading Webhooks

DevNet Study Group

With Cisco reminding us this week about all the great perks of joining the DevNet Class of 2020 (link), I see many people on Twitter and Discord re-focusing their attention on obtaining a DevNet certification in the remaining weeks of this year. I can tell you that being part of a study group/community that shares … Continue reading DevNet Study Group


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