The ENAUTO Journey Begins

After passing the ENCOR exam last week, I decided to jump right into studying for the ENAUTO exam. To highlight my cert journey here: I plan to have my CCNP Enterprise by the end of the year and my DevNet Professional by May 2021. The ENAUTO exam will double up and satisfy a requirement for each certification (CCNP Enterprise/DevNet Professional).

This week, I completed the CBT Nuggets ENAUTO course. I think it was a great course to get your feet wet into the world of Python and Cisco APIs. The reason I say Cisco APIs specifically is because 80% of the ENAUTO is based on APIs that interact with three popular Cisco solutions: DNA Center, SD-WAN, and Meraki.

With only one week into studying, I believe the ENAUTO exam is actually going to be “fun” to take. I thought the DevNet Associate exam was also “fun” because of the exposure to all the new and trendy technologies surrounding that test: network programmability, interacting with APIs, and exposure to different Cisco solutions (ACI, DNA-C, etc.). Once you run a few successful API calls and understand how each API works, it opens up your mind to the endless possibilities that comes with network programmability. Another reason I like the ENAUTO is the limited scope of the exam. The limited scope allows you to dive deeper into each exam topic, which is exciting to me because it allows me to really get to know the APIs of some of the most popular products in Cisco’s portfolio. With the ENCOR exam, you had to study many different technologies spanning different layers of the OSI model. The ENAUTO focuses on network programmability and, more narrowly, the APIs for DNA Center, SD-WAN, and Meraki. As long as the API documentation is organized, I enjoy exploring the docs and creating calls with Postman or writing scripts with the requests library in Python or the SDK (if available).

This is a short post this week, but my upcoming posts will revolve around the ENAUTO exam topics. If you are unfamiliar with the ENAUTO exam or its topics, here’s a link. Feel free to message me on Twitter if you have questions or have feedback on which topic you’d like to read about first!

4 thoughts on “The ENAUTO Journey Begins

  1. Every word on your blog so far has impressed me. As i’ve been through similar ups and downs already ( for collab track) i’m sure you’ll get it soon. I’m sure, you’re getting significantly better each time.

    Following you for devnet all-the-way 🙂


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