After following many Slack, Discord, and YouTube channels and seeing the encouragement to begin blogging, I began thinking about what and, more importantly, why I would consider it. The first thought that came to mind was accountability. As with everyone, we sometimes ride waves of motivation to study for that next cert. I figured that blogging would somewhat hold me accountable, assuming I stick with a regular cadence of posting blogs. However, after thinking about it a little more, I’ve realized the real reason I should start blogging is to help others in my same position – newer to the industry, studying for their next cert, or figuring out how/why we should implement the technologies we read about.

To give some background about myself, I’m newer to the network industry (<5 years of experience), but have had a multitude of experiences in large enterprise networks. I’ve designed, implemented, and supported networks ranging from SOHO networks to main headquarter offices. Most of my experience has been with Cisco, including newer solutions such as DNA Center and SD-Access. I have experience with traditional networking (routing/switching/wireless) and network automation, with network automation being my current passion and future focus.

The focus of my blog is to provide a personal take on the WHY and HOW we should implement networking topics. My posts are not meant to be thorough technical write-ups on a specific topic, but a primer that may get you focused on diving deeper into that topic. Many of the topics I blog about will be related to exam topics specific to the certifications I’m studying for. However, I do plan on sprinkling in blogs about industry news and other automation topics. I have a list of my certification goals and current progress under ‘References’ -> ‘Cert Journey’.

Please feel free to reach out to me about any blog topics or anything that you would like to see!

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