After being introduced to REST APIs in your network automation journey, I’m sure you will hear about webhooks. Webhooks sound a lot more developer-centric and less about networking, but they can be a game changer when implemented correctly. In this post, we will talk about why, as network engineers, we should care about webhooks and […]

DevNet Study Group

With Cisco reminding us this week about all the great perks of joining the DevNet Class of 2020 (link), I see many people on Twitter and Discord re-focusing their attention on obtaining a DevNet certification in the remaining weeks of this year. I can tell you that being part of a study group/community that shares […]

Completed: ENAUTO (and CCNP)

Brief Journey Overview My ENAUTO (and really my CCNP) journey began at least a year ago. No, I did not begin studying for these exams a year ago since the blueprints themselves didn’t exist at this time last year, but I did know they were coming due to the announcements at Cisco Live US 2019. […]

“Why Not?”

A common question we get asked by our management, kids, and others who want a desired outcome. Besides being asked, we may ask this same question to our vendors, technical support, and others in order to provide a sort of pressure to receive a desired result. As you can see, this question has been historically […]

Python vs. Platform (Ansible)

Intro In my ENAUTO studies, I’ve been exposed to many components to network automation: NETCONF, RESTCONF, YANG, Netmiko, Ansible, Puppet, APIs, and the list can go on. After learning and labbing up each of these technologies, I always come back to the question “Why and how?”. Why am I learning these technologies and how do […]

The ENAUTO Journey Begins

After passing the ENCOR exam last week, I decided to jump right into studying for the ENAUTO exam. To highlight my cert journey here: I plan to have my CCNP Enterprise by the end of the year and my DevNet Professional by May 2021. The ENAUTO exam will double up and satisfy a requirement for […]

ENCOR Passed!!!

Last Friday (10/2), I took one more step in my CCNP Enterprise journey by passing the Cisco 350-401 ENCOR exam! This exam is no joke…. In this post, I’m going to review my journey and some personal study tips that will hopefully help you in your journey. I want to say up front that I […]


Two protocols that you hear about when you jump into the network automation world… In this post, I’ll go over each protocol, why they are used, and a personal take on their future. NETCONF When I was first looking at network programmability, NETCONF was one of the first protocols I stumbled upon. NETCONF runs over […]


After following many Slack, Discord, and YouTube channels and seeing the encouragement to begin blogging, I began thinking about what and, more importantly, why I would consider it. The first thought that came to mind was accountability. As with everyone, we sometimes ride waves of motivation to study for that next cert. I figured that […]